Cafe Calabria Owners

Cafe Calabria Owners Mike Futia left & his father Frank Futia right.


Café Calabria is a family-run restaurant giving an authentic Italian dining experience to the people of the Capital Region.  Dedicated to quality and inspired by Calabrese cuisine, every dish is cared for, serving a taste of southern Italy with every plate.  While other restaurants are about making profit, at Café Calabria, it really is all about the food.  All of the ingredients used are either local or imported from Italy, and always guaranteed fresh.  With graciously sized meals and gourmet ingredients, you’ll never leave hungry.

Having spent his whole life in his family’s previous restaurants, Mike Futia followed in his father, Frank Futia’s footsteps when he brought Café Calabria to life.  It is a new restaurant, but Mike hasn’t forgotten where he came from, with his father and brother in the kitchen and his mother making the famous “Momma’s Lasagna”, this is very much still a family run business.

“When my father owned his previous restaurant, it was strictly family.  My Mother made the sandwiches, my sisters waited tables, and my older brother was in the kitchen.  My parents have six kids, eight grandkids, and we all helped the business.  I want to recreate that here.”

– Mike Futia


Heritage is also a large part of Café Calabria.  Mike Futia’s Father is from Reggio, Capitol of Calabria, so there is a great sense of pride behind their Southern Italian style cooking. In continuing family tradition, it only made sense for Mike to honor his family and heritage by naming his restaurant after where they came from.

Our goal is that when you eat at our restaurant, you’re getting more than just gourmet Italian food.  We’re bringing out the same meals that get served at our family dinners, so when you eat with us, you’re eating with family.